Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a nurturing, creative, stimulating, clean, and safe environment in which our children can grow physically, emotionally and intellectually every day.  We prepare our children to face the challenges they may encounter through various stages of their life.

Goals and Objectives:

For Our Children:  

To create a safe and nurturing, wholesome environment conducive to the full range of developmental needs. To implement an orderly yet flexible schedule every day, in order to teach through positive play and educational activities.

For Our Parents:

To create and maintain such an environment that will ensure peace of mind for the parents in trusting us with this most important job of teaching and caring for their children. To foster full ongoing communication and cooperation between our staff and parents as strong communication between these two parties is essential for a successful program.

For Our Community:

To add to the strength of our community, by having an outstanding    professional and early educational program. Children are our future.  In order to create a better future for our community, and the world, we owe it to ourselves to raise our children with love not hate, tolerance of diversity not prejudice, and to be physically and emotionally wholesome, without any selfish attitudes.

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